Historic Concrete Pavement on Old 61 Revealed!!

September 28, 2011

Jeff Wulke was kind enough to share the following photos of what is now Chisago County Road 30 (former MN 361, U.S. 61) between Rush City and Pine Creek, where crews have temporarily stripped away the asphalt to reveal the historic original concrete pavement from the 1920’s!! The concrete was poured back in 1927 as […]


North Shore Madness!!

July 10, 2011

Over the last month, I’ve been adding photo-articles on the historic alignments and bridges along the North Shore Scenic Highway between Duluth and Little Marais to the U.S. 61 Project. In all, there are 22 new photo-articles to check out! The photos in the articles were taken in a two-day period back in April, 2010. […]


Finally! The New U.S. 61 Interactive Map is DONE!!

May 25, 2011

After months of work and technical setbacks, I have finally finished the year-by-year data for the U.S. 61 interactive map. I have also cleaned up and updated the whole U.S. 61 section, wrapping the old historic alignment and roadside sections into one called “Articles“. For those of you not familiar with the other “year-by-year” maps […]


U.S. 61 Page Update and New Articles

June 21, 2010

Just finished a major update to the U.S. 61 section of the page to bring it up the snuff with the new routes being added. I also threw in a couple of brand new articles on old alignments along the north shore for good measure (click on the sample photos below to see them). Back […]


The New Guide to Driving Old 61 Between the Twin Cities and Duluth

January 17, 2010

Its finally done!! I have finally posted my guide to driving Old 61 between Wyoming and the St. Louis County Line! It includes numerous maps, and nearly 100 photos taken in the last few months on my visits to the old highway. Enjoy!


New Article: Westgate Boulevard, Duluth

January 8, 2010

I have just added another article to the U.S. 61 Project on Westgate Boulevard in Duluth. This was one of my favorite old alignments of U.S. 61 to visit, due to an unexpected marker dedicating its construction in 1924, plus the great views of Duluth Harbor and the pleasant walk through the woods it provided […]


Two New U.S. 61 Articles

January 2, 2010

Two more articles on historic alignments of U.S. 61 just west of Duluth on the Thompson Hill have been added! Old Hwy 61 and Thompson Hill Road Old Hwy 61 at the Carlton/St. Louis County Line


Some new articles and photos for Christmas (a little late)

December 26, 2009

In the past week I have added several articles on old alignments of U.S. 61 between the Twin Cities and Duluth, all visited and photographed on two road trips I took in October and November. I have also done some updating of the U.S. 61 section, adding Google Maps API functionality to enable the display […]


Historic Roadside Structures Along U.S. 61

October 5, 2009

I recently added a new section to the U.S. 61 Project: An overview and photographs of the historic roadside structures along modern U.S. 61 in Minnesota. Click the photo below to check it out!


New Images Galore!

September 28, 2009

Several new images have been added to the U.S. 61 Project, including: New historic postcards! Four new galleries of photos along modern U.S. 61!