Out with the old Civic, in with the new

August 1, 2009

It has finally come time to say good-bye to my trusty 91′ Honda Civic. I replaced it with a silver 03′ Civic, which so far is rust free, has airbags, has a hood that latches, and doesn’t overheat constantly! I took it out today on an expedition down U.S. 61, and was finally able to […]


Truncating State Highway 16

March 10, 2009

Update – 8/1/2009 – It turns out this information is false, Highway 16 is still signed between La Crescent and the Wisconsin State Line. It has come to my attention that State Highway 16 has been truncated at its junction with U.S. 61 and U.S. 14 in La Crescent. It had previously duplexed with these […]


Old U.S. 14 Between Winona and Stockton

March 1, 2009

“Highway Explorer” has found and photographed three long lost sections of U.S. 14 between the towns of Winona and Stockton in southeastern Minnesota, complete with original pavement and retaining walls! These sections were once part of one of Minnesota’s first concrete highways, constructed by Winona County between 1914 and 1915. This early highway was actually […]