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Some new articles and photos for Christmas (a little late)

In the past week I have added several articles on old alignments of U.S. 61 between the Twin Cities and Duluth, all visited and photographed on two road trips I took in October and November. I have also done some updating of the U.S. 61 section, adding Google Maps API functionality to enable the display of a map showing every historic alignment of U.S. 61 in Minnesota. I have also added a downloadable KMZ file of the alignment map for Google Earth!

The new articles (from north to south):
Service Drive at Maki Road, Thompson Township
Old 61 Between Scanlon and Carlton
Market Street, Mahtowa
Rail Crossing Between Barnum and Mahtowa
Old Hwy 61 North of Barnum
Moose Lake Service Drive
Old Alignment South of Hinckley
Old Alignment at Rock Creek
North Service Drive at Rush City
Alger Avenue, Rush City
South Service Drive at Rush City
Frontage Avenue, Stacy

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