Old St Augusta Creek Bridge

Old St Augusta Creek Bridge

Carried: 1934/35-1974

Located: On Stearns County Road 75 in the city of St Cloud, just northwest of the Opportunity Drive Exit from I-94.

Bridge #: 5417

Design: Beam span, 50 feet long.

Constructed: 1934-35

Historic Context: Bridge built by the Department of Highways as part of construction of State Highway 152 between St Cloud and Monticello in the mid-1930's.

Status: In use. Still rated as structurally adequate.

View of the bridge from below, September 2011.

The bridge over St Augusta Creek just south of St Cloud is a classic example of a steel beam span constructed by the Department of Highways during the mid 1930's. It was built in either 1934 or 35 as part of the initial development of State Route 152, the predecessor of today's Interstate 94 between the Twin Cities and St Cloud (I-94 replaced the old two-lane highway at the creek in 1974.)

The bridge is easily visible from I-94 just north of the Opportunity Drive exit along the west side of the highway. Although nearly 80 years old, the bridge is still rated as structurally adequate by MnDOT.

The location of the bridge is shown by the bright green icon on the map above. Access from I-94 is easy via the Opportunity Drive exit. Note how the bridge lies at the northern edge of a portion of the old highway that was destroyed by the construction of I-94 in the early 1970's. When the Interstate was originally completed, the Opportunity Drive interchange did not exist, and an overpass was constructed to maintain connectivity. The current road configuration here dates to 2003, when the interchange was constructed to service a new industrial park.

General view of the road approaching the bridge, looking north.

Sign marking the crossing.

Closer view of the classic 1930's era concrete-and-pipe railing. Note the obelisk type rail posts, typical of bridges built by the Department of Highways in the 1930's.

Dedication plaque on the southeast corner of the bridge, unfortunately covered by a modern guard-rail.

View of the steel beams and concrete abutments on the east side of the bridge.

View of the bridge's western under-structure.

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